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Ontario Public Health PractionersCare in health facilities focuses on medical management of complex AIDS signs and symptoms, opportunistic infections and other sexually transmitted diseases as well as nursing and psychological care (World Bank, 1997; UNAIDS, 2001).

  • Need for home-based Care: Patients with AIDS spend a lot of time in hospital but Kenya has limited resources, so a home-based care strategy was introduced to allow stable patients to be cared for at home by family, supported by community health workers. Various organizations train and support health-care providers and community-based health workers to implement home-based care in areas hard hit by HIV/AIDS.
  • Comprehensive model for home-based care: Home-based care provides services near to patients and responsive to community needs. Kenya adopted comprehensive home-based care that offers prevention, basic care and support at home. It involves public-health professionals, families and other organizations working with HIV/AIDS. An evaluation of the homecare program in Nyanza province showed how professionals co-ordinate the delivery of HIV/IDS services at district and community level and try to challenge stigma at individual and community levels (Waterman et al., 2007)

Social Support: The Kenyan approach includes organizational, community, society and policy-level interventions.

Organizational and systems interventions

Strengthening organizational and institutional capacity to fight HIV/AIDS has required building the capacity for care and research, training personnel and increasing the availability of drugs and supplies to manage opportunistic infections.

Co-ordinating Committees: There are co-ordinating committees at all levels of the health-care system to link HIV/AIDS activities in various sectors and levels and ensure horizontal and vertical integration of interventions (MOH 2005)

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