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Ontario Public Health PractionersPolitical support for change and policy development was initially low in Kenya, but has improved. Kenya has developed policy documents and plans to guide implementation of interventions including:

  • A national policy to mitigate the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Policies on condom use, antiretroviral management, prevention of mother-to-child transmission and nutrition
  • Making gender a mainstream issue in the national HIV/AIDS strategic plan.

These policy documents can be accessed through-

Enabling legislation

Enabling legislation (the HIV Bill) was needed to put HIV into the Emergency Recovery Strategy, the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework and the public sector by the end of 2007 (USAID 2008).

Workplace policies

The government has introduced a workplace HIV/AIDS policy (eg. provide HIV/AIDS information to employees, guidelines for managing infected employees, ending discrimination, protect jobs and increase access to medication) but what it does and whether it is effective has not been well documented. In the private sector, 50 per cent of medium- and large-scale companies have HIV/AIDS workplace policies.

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