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What’s distinctive about a multiple intervention program? Print E-mail

Ontario Public Health PractionersMultiple intervention planning and evaluation are based on the Multiple Intervention Program Framework (Edwards, Mill, & Kothari, 2004), which has four steps:

  1. Describe the socio-ecological features of the public health problem
  2. Identify intervention options
  3. Optimize potential impact
  4. Monitor process, impact, and spin-offs

The multiple intervention program framework (Edwards et al., 2004) is similar to other planning and evaluation cycles but also emphasizes key features for planning and evaluating.


Download Framework (PDF)

Key Multiple Intervention Program Features

Multiple intervention programs:

  • Integrate theory and use of frameworks for staging interventions
  • Target more than one system level
  • Co-ordinate and synergize interventions
  • Are multi-sectoral and/or multi-disciplinary
  • Take more time, intensity and reach than single interventions to be effective and to last
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