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Is there evidence that multiple intervention programs work? Print E-mail

Yes. There is evidence in the literature  (Best et al., 2003; Edwards, & Roelofs, 2006; Edwards, Mills, & Kothari, 2004; Merzel & D'Affletti, 2003; Pluye, Potvin, & Denis, 2006) That stronger, successful public-health multiple intervention programs are:

  • Based on integrating theories on behaviour and change, which guide the choice of interventions and target groups
  • Informed by evidence of effective and cost-effective programs tried elsewhere
  • Co-ordinated and staged to capitalize on synergy
  • Linked to other supportive programs across sectors and jurisdictions
  • Long lasting (to build partnerships and momentum, diffuse the interventions across system levels, let the impact snow-ball and give time for policy change)
  • Planned to be sustainable
  • Sufficiently resourced such that the interventions are intense enough to be effective (do two or three interventions well, rather than trying too many with too little support)
  • Capable of evaluating their activities with data gathered before and after implementation
  • Able to track spin-off effects
  • Tailored to their target groups, communities, local priorities, and structures
  • Planned and participated in by community members
Research and policy documents tackling complex issues agree that multiple intervention programs are the foundations of change. Multiple interventions have worked in many areas of public health, including:
  • Physical activity and obesity prevention (Raine, 2005)
  • Chronic disease prevention (Riley, Edwards, & d'Avernas, 2004)
  • Child obesity, nutrition and physical activity (Kafatos, Manios, & Moschandreas, 2005
Manios, Moschandreas, Hatzis, & Kafatos, 1999; Perry et al., 2004; Story et al., 2000; Veugelers & Fitzgerald, 2005
  • Tobacco programming (Cushman & Medline, 2001)
  • Heart health (Dobbins et al., 2001)
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