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University of OttawaThe MIP Tool Kit was developed through funding provided by the Government of Ontario to the Community Health Research Unit, as part of a Health System-Linked Research grant. The opinions expressed here are those of the authors. Publication does not imply any endorsement of these views by either of the participating partners of the CHRU, or by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

The Community Health Research Unit, also known as CHRU, is a Health System-Linked Research Unit, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health, co-sponsored by the University of Ottawa (Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine and the School of Nursing) and the former Ottawa-Carleton Health Department, now known as Ottawa Public Health.

The Community Health Research Unit leads a program of research on multiple interventions.  Current applications of multiple intervention program design are being undertaken in relation to a diverse set of public health issues including injury prevention, heart health, HIV/AIDS, chronic disease prevention, tobacco, physical activity, child health, bereavement, and healthy aging.  Members of the Unit have provided input with issues surrounding the Ontario Mandatory Health Program and Services Guidelines (MHPSG) and multiple intervention programming.

Previous work has included assisting with the Ontario Public Health Association’s development of indicators for measurement of the Equal Access General Standards, development of benchmarking systems and indicators for public health programs, and costing elements of the MHPSG for the public health system. These projects highlighted the complexity of the MHPSG (and the current Ontario Public Health Standards) when multiple systems are involved. In particular, the costing project identified the level of detail required regarding scope and combinations of interventions, players, and settings; as well as the importance of clarifying the reach and intensity of interventions. Other recent MIP activities recommendations for the technical review of the MHPSG (now replaced by the Ontario Public Health Standards) and holding the first two of a series of three symposia on Multiple Intervention Programs, bringing federal, provincial, and municipal decision-makers and researchers together.

Nancy Edwards, PhD CHSRF/CIHR Nursing Chair; Director of the Community Health Research Unit (CHRU); Professor, School of Nursing, University of Ottawa
Jo-Anne MacDonald, RN, MN PhD Student, University of Ottawa
Mechthild Meyer, M.Ed. Qualitative Research Consultant, CHRU
Alma Estable, MSW Qualitative Research Consultant, CHRU
Lynne MacLean, PhD Research Associate, CHRU
Lynda Zimmerman, RN, BScN, M.Ed Acting Program Development Officer, Education and Research Unit, Ottawa Public Health

Nancy Edwards is the one of the key developers of the MIP Framework (Edwards, Mill, & Kothari, 2004) upon which this tool kit is organized.  The MIP Tool Kit itself was developed and written jointly by Nancy Edwards, Jo-Anne MacDonald, Mechthild Meyer, Alma Estable, Lynne MacLean, and Lynda Zimmerman, including most of the content, examples, and activities.

The section on HIV/AIDS in Africa was written by Pamela Juma Atieno.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall the University of Ottawa or its partners, directors, employees, agents, or licensors be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of information in the Tool Kit.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Information and content are provided “as is”. By using the MIP Tool Kit, the users acknowledge and agree that they will use the MIP Tool Kit at their own risk and liability.

For more information on CHRU, and Ottawa Public Health, please see the following links:

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