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Module 3: Optimize Potential Impact

Optimizing your intervention's impact

In the Module 2 Activity you mapped out interventions, theories and potential synergies. Now you're going to zero in on sequencing and combining the interventions you selected for maximum synergy and start planningiStock_000003922977XSmall for sustainability.

  1. Copy your interventions from Module 2 Activity in sequence into the boxes below, beginning with those that have to happen before other interventions can follow.
  2. Fill in the system levels and sectors each intervention is aimed at. Draw arrows to show when one intervention is aimed at more than one system level or sector.
  3. In the evidence boxes record any data that show the intervention has been successful previously. Draw lines to show which system level (or levels) was the target. If you don't yet have sufficient information or evidence, write that down.
  4. Include the expected synergies you noted in Module 2 Activity, and draw lines to show how synergy could be enhanced at different levels. Can you think of other possible synergies? Are there more system levels you could aim at?
  5. Start planning for sustaining your intervention: write down what's in place to help keep it going and what strategies might be needed to ensure sustainability.


System Level + Sectors

Expected Synergistic Effects


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