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Module 4: Monitor and Evaluate

Monitoring and evaluation planning chart

As you fill in this chart, remember that multiple intervention programs are designed to complement other tools used in public health planning.iStock_000003922977XSmall

  1. Write down indicators for each level your multiple intervention program aims at. Your program logic model or strategic plan may already contain indicators, or objectives that can act as indicators. Some indicators may apply to more than one system level.
  2. Link each indicator to outcome and/or process measures.
  3. Circle the indicators that will capture synergistic effects.
  4. List the tools that will give you the data you need to measure  indicators.
  5. Identify which tools are already in place and can be used for baseline data and which tools must still be developed.
  6. Identify data that may help you identify possible spin-offs.
  7. Return to Module 1 Activity to review whether you have considered all the sectors, partners and jurisdictions in your monitoring and evaluation plan. If some are missing, add them.


Target System Level for Intervention
Outcome Measures
Process Measures
Data Collection Tools

Intrapersonal Level

Interpersonal level

Organizational Level (including policy level)

Community & Societal Level (including policy level)

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