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Module 3: Optimize Potential Impact
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Examples of context and change in public health in Ontario

There have been significant shifts in the structural and cultural context of Ontario public health units recently, some of which affect planning, implementing, evaluating and sustaining programs. The new public health standards, for example, change the context for the design and delivery of programs by boards of health.

There are many changes in the outer context as well. The creation of the Ministry of Health Promotion and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and of the Local Health Integration Networks, means new partnerships and connections must be explored and structured when interventions are being developed, since now Ontario’s 36 boards of health work with the 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to address local needs. Socio-economic factors, including the loss of manufacturing jobs and fear of recession, influence government financial plans. Because of Walkerton and the SARS outbreak, the public may be more aware of the importance of public health in their lives, and more supportive of evidence-based approaches to population health, which could make community-wide participation in multiple intervention programs more likely.

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