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Ontario Public Health PractionersSocioeconomic environment
Income, income distribution and social status
Social support networks
Employment and working conditions
Social environments
Social inclusion and exclusion
Food security

Physical environment
Air, water and soil quality
Community design
Workplace safety

Child development
Pre-natal nutrition
Early childhood experiences

Personal health practices
Use of alcohol and drugs
Physical activity
Eating habits

Individual capacity and coping skills
Social environments that enable choices
Knowledge, intentions, behaviour and coping skills

Genetic endowment
Organic make-up of human body

Health services

Services designed to maintain and promote health
Disease and injury prevention
Medical care

Socially created roles, power and influence
Sexual and physical violence

Ethnicity & culture

Values and norms of cultural groups
Socially created marginalization
Racism and dominance
Language and cultural differences
Social inclusion and exclusion

(Edwards, 2002)

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