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Have a brainstorming session with your team about all possible sources of knowledge, data and theories related to the socio-ecological context of your issue. Begin close to home: Many health units collect and analyze data about the health status and demographics of the population they serve. Your health unit may also have links to local universities. Have you done research projects in the past? Are there researchers you could work with again, or who could direct you to colleagues in your area of interest?iStock_000006948242XSmall

Local organizations, such as social planning councils, community services and community health centres often gather and analyze information and do research that could be very useful. You might also contact the health care, social services and education sectors in your community. Professional associations (including nurses, social workers and public health practitioners) may have conducted research in your area of interest and might direct you to local experts on the issue you are addressing.

Regional, provincial and federal governments can provide a wealth of health-related social and economic information, much of it on-line.

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