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Key questions

How did the use of the Multiple Intervention Program Tool Kit affect planning for program implementation and monitoring? How would it be integrated into the planning process?

More specifically, we were interested in finding out:

  • How the Tool Kit was introduced?
  • What technology was needed for implementation?
  • How easy was it for practitioners to navigate the site?
  • Which components of the MIP Tool Kit were used, and which ones most frequently?
  • How much time was required to advance through the modules?
  • Did the Tool Kit help in considering all factors required for a MIP?
  • Is the current Tool Kit sufficient to be implemented without any other assistance or explanation?

The unit of analysis was one public health team working within a larger Ontario Public Health Unit.

The outcomes of the MIP Pilot Test include this case example, along with a report of MIP Tool Kit strengths and areas for improvements which will result in future changes to the Tool Kit. What follows now in this case example is the description of the process used in working with the Tool Kit and the new standards. As well, observations of where public health planners may want to supplement what they find here, are included throughout, as the process unfolded.

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