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Ethics Review

An Ethics Proposal was developed and submitted to OPH's Ethics Review Board for approval. The proposal included draft data collection tools, information and consent letters. The proposal was approved after some minor revisions.

We wanted the planning exercise to run as naturally as possible, so we used a participant observation approach, and then, later, followed up with interviews of the planning team.

Participant observation

One CHRU consultant was present during the team meetings to observe the process and application of the website. The sessions were audiotaped and notes were taken during all sessions. All team members signed the informed consent forms and had agreed to the taping. The consultant summarized the content of each session and provided these notes to the supervisor and staff of the evaluation department for input.


A semi-structured interview schedule was developed at the pilot planning stage and slightly refined prior to conducting the interviews participated in a telephone interview. The interviews lasted about 45 minutes. They were transcribed and all identifiers removed as much as possible. Team members provided written consent to this process.

Data analysis

Notes and completed activity templates taken during each session were consulted to compile the descriptive summary of the process. The analysis of the interviews will not be included in this example.

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