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We would like to gratefully acknowledge the sponsors of the 2009 Symposium. These included the Community Health Research Unit, University of Ottawa (funded by the Government of Ontario); and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Government of Ontario, which provide funding for Dr. Nancy Edwards’ Nursing Chair in multiple interventions for community health research.. The generosity of these organizations in supporting the Symposium is much appreciated.

We would also like to thank Donald Hall of the Tweedsmuir Group. His efforts helped to ensure a productive and successful undertaking. This year’s Symposium Planning Committee was composed of Kathryn Clinton, Jo-Anne MacDonald, and Alma Estable, Mechthild Meyer, and Renée Nossal, who also served as small group facilitators. We couldn’t have done it without them. The Multiple Intervention Community of Practice (MICOP) group, led by Dawn Smith and Wendy Peterson provided us with guidance and feedback, as did groups of graduate students and postgraduate fellows. We appreciate the time and effort they all contributed in giving us their input and ideas.

Of course, the participation of our speakers and their discussants formed the core around which the symposium ideas flowed. Thank you to speakers and discussants as follows: Nancy Edwards (discussants, Barbara Riley and Bernard Lamontagne); Erica DiRuggiero, Elizabeth Gyorfi-Dyke, and Christine Kurtz-Landy (discussants, Marjorie MacDonald and Beth Jackson); Jack McCarthy (discussants, Tim Hutchinson and Dominque Tremblay); Tim Hutchinson (discussants, Caroline Andrew and Louise Lemyre); Colleen Varcoe; and Stephen Birch.

We would also like to acknowledge Susan Duncan for her insightful closing remarks. We would like to thank the Symposium participants who willingly contributed their time to share their wisdom and expertise to help advance our understanding of Multiple Intervention Programs (MIPs) and integration. Thanks also to Faiza Hassan and Stephanie Donovan for transcribing the group and plenary sessions; and to Sabrina Farmer for her critical “behind the scenes organization” of the symposium and the multiple intervention community of practice meetings.