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You are here: Home Modules Module Examples Module 4 Examples Example 32 - Adjusting indicators: MSCS project
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Module 4 Examples

One of the key partners in the Mujer Sana/Comunidad Sana project was the community health centre, but it had been forced to temporarily restrict its medical practices such that it could not accept new clients.  The project's goal was to have more Hispanic women use the health centre during and after the intervention.  The project team succeeded in getting an exemption to allow intake of Hispanic women who wanted health-centre services.  However, plans still had to be adjusted.  Because the practices were closed to any other new clients, the project could not examine whether the intervention meant more Hispanic women were starting to use the health centre cmpared to new visits from non-Hispanic women.  This indicator had to be adjusted to reflect only the change in numbers of Hispanic women accessing the clinic.

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