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Introduction to the modules

The tool kit is modular and interactive. You can navigate freely among multiple intervention program planning information, examples, definitions, exercises and external resources. Each section can be read independently. We recommend first-time users begin by reading all the content that can be accessed through the home page, to get an overview of the key concepts of multiple intervention programs (in About Us) and information on the overall organization of the site (Introduction).iStock_000007022923XSmall

The tool kit has one module for each of the four components of the multiple intervention program framework. They appear in a dropdown menu at the top of the screen. Click on one and a new screen outlines the key steps for working through this part of the framework. Use the “previous” and “next” links to move through the pages.

There are links throughout the text to additional information, definitions, related areas of the site, external resources, examples and exercises. To help you get oriented, there’s a “You are here” prompt just below the list of modules. If you want to return to an earlier page just click on the desired section title under “You are here.” Use the site map for a clear and concise overview of all site content. The search function in the top right hand corner of the screen can be accessed from any page.
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