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Introduction to the modules

iStock_000003922977XSmallShould we try a multiple intervention program for this health issue?

To assess whether you should create a multiple intervention program to deal with a health issue, answer the questions below with your team; they should clarify if the situation is right for a multiple intervention. This activity is also the first step in gathering information on your issue if you decide to continue. Refer to Example 2 - A day in the life of an Ontario Public Health Multiple Intervention Program planning team to see how one planning team answered these questions.

Key question

Your answers

How big is the problem?



Potential impact:
How much can we fix it?




Are we the best people to do it?




Are we able to do it?




Modification of a program into MIP:
Are we already working on this issue with a single intervention program that would benefit from a MIP approach?





Allies and partners:
Who will help us?




Other concerns/issues?




Once you have identified an issue, begin by drafting a general description based on what you know. Start off broadly — your description will focus during the next step, the socio-ecological assessment.

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