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Following are some more of the evaluation and monitoring considerations of Module 4, and examples of how they were actualized in the program.

Ontario Public Health PractionersExisting collection tools

Do data collections tools already exist that have been tested to provide evidence that an intervention has been successful and that could be adapted to this MIP?

Adapting other people’s data-collection tools

Researchers for Mujer Sana/Comunidad Sana were looking for Spanish-language tools to assess women’s practices around breast and cervical cancer screening. They found a tool that had been used in the U.S. (Refer to: Mujer Sana/Comunidad Sana 2003) and got permission to use it. However, adapting it to the Canadian context took long, and intense consultation with the 15 Spanish-speaking staff involved in the project. Many of the Spanish expressions used in the original tool were different from those used by people from the 24 Latin American countries that make up Ottawa’s Spanish-speaking community. After reaching consensus about the wording of many items, the revised tool was tested with Spanish-speaking women from different countries. Feedback from the pilot test led to more refinements of the final tool.

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