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Various socio-ecological system level indicators Print E-mail

Ontario Public Health PractionersThe Mujer Sana/Comunidad Sana project team developed indicators at different levels and for different intervention components (see Table below).

Example 16: Mujer Sana/Comunidad Sana project: Indicators at socio-ecological system levels

Intervention level


Data sources

Individual level

  • Increased clinical breast examinations and mammograms
  • Knowledge of breast self examination (BSE)
  • Number of Hispanic women practicing regular BSE
  • Barriers identified by Hispanic women when accessing health services
  • Pre- and post health survey
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Lay health promoters' field notes
  • Field logs
  • Lay health promoter focus group

Organizational level

  • Number of Spanish speaking staff has increased
  • Breast and cervical cancer information materials availability in Spanish at community health centre
  • Perception of organization as a welcoming place
  • Pre and post staff survey
  • Qualitative staff interviews
  • Review of outreach material
  • Lay health promoter focus group

Community level

  • Organizational knowledge about barriers faced by Hispanic women and resources has increased
  • Working relationships among organizations have improved
  • Pre and post staff survey
  • Focus group with service providers
  • Advisory committee survey
  • Advisory committee minutes
  • Increased multilingual/multicultural representation in organizations
  • Document review
  • Pre and post staff survey
  • Advisory Committee survey


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