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Measuring multiple level and/or synergistic effects Print E-mail

Ontario Public Health PractionersIn the Mujer Sana /Comunidad Sana project increased accessibility for minority women to health services was considered to be synergistic, requiring measures at more than one level

Synergistic indicator: Increased accessibility

Intervention level


Data collection tool

Individual level

  • Increase in number of Hispanic women who indicated that they went for breast and/or cervical cancer screening.

  • Level of satisfaction with services received

  • Pre and post survey with Hispanic women

Organizational level

  • Increased number of staff who speaks Spanish

  • Increased number of women accessing health services at CCHC and OBSP

  • Pre and post staff survey

  • Lay health promoter logs removal of some barriers identified pre-intervention

  • Client chart reviews

  • Client intake survey

Community level

  • Number of participants from Spanish speaking and other minority background at community events held at the community health centre

  • Participant survey at events

  • Participant observation (count)


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